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What Can SPX FLOW Industrial Do For You?

From chemical processing to crude oil refining, the world counts on industrial processes to transform raw materials into the building blocks of modern society ― and on SPX FLOW Industrial to provide the equipment and technologies that can transform those materials efficiently, safely and with minimal downtime or environmental impact.

The SPX FLOW Industrial product brand portfolio includes a wide array of industrial pumps, valves, filters, mixers, heat exchangers, dehydration units and other equipment for use in a variety of batching, agitation, heat transfer, air dehydration and other critical processes.

Robust, rugged and reliable, our industrial equipment is designed to withstand the rigors and often abrasive or hazardous conditions involved in applications that include chemical processing, water and wastewater treatment, air and gas treatment, mining and minerals processing, industrial shipbuilding and general industrial applications.

Now more than ever the world needs SPX FLOW Industrial’s expertise. Urbanization, industrialization, and population growth are driving chemical and water investments in emerging markets. Abundant shale gas in North America is yielding low cost feedstocks for chemical industry. Natural gas is growing as a preferred transportation fuel. And the global liquefied natural gas trade network is boosting marine and shipbuilding markets in Asia Pacific.

Drawing upon our extensive experience and strong research and development efforts, our industrial engineering technologies and systems can also help enhance plant productivity and optimize efficiencies for our customers.