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SPX Introduces Innovative Low Cost Solution for Liquid Gas Extraction

sourceimage1Through its e&e series process technology, SPX provides some of the most efficient extraction solutions, offering high yields and high quality production for a variety of materials, including instant coffee, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other food and beverage products.

Recently, SPX introduced an innovative liquid gas extraction technology for the oil and gas industry that is designed to help reduce the cost of the equipment required for extraction, as well as simplify the process of equipment installation.

Traditionally, liquid gas extraction is conducted using carbon dioxide and requires fairly high pressures (150-500 bar). However, SPX’s new process, which uses dimethyl ether (DME) in place of carbon dioxide, facilitates extraction at far more moderate pressures (5 bar).

DME is a commonly used organic compound which exists as a non-toxic gas in atmospheric conditions. The compound can be derived from many sources, including renewable biomass, natural gas and coal. Today, DME is frequently used as an environmentally friendly propellant in aerosol canisters.

Through this process, the DME liquid gas is pumped through the extractor vessel, which contains the solid raw material, and circulates between the storage tank and extractor vessel until the extraction is complete. After extraction, the liquid solvent containing the extracted substances is transferred to a separator, where the expanded volume reduces the pressure on the liquid. Due to its low boiling point, the DME gas evaporates and serves to separate the extracted material.  The DME gas is then recycled through a second storage tank for reuse.

The new SPX technology was recently featured in an article in Process Worldwide. To read the full article, click here.