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SPX FLOW Opens New Dehydration R&D Lab and Training Center

The new lab provides the ability to test products to international standards and validate product performance to better serve customers.

Through its Dehydration business, SPX FLOW is a global leader in the supply of compressed air and gas dehydration and filtration solutions. It recently announced the opening of a new 10,000 square foot Research & Development Lab and Training Center at its Dehydration headquarters in Ocala, Florida. The center offers advanced testing capabilities to conduct compressed air dryer and filter performance validation to international standards. Other competencies include testing and performance validation of filtration media, condensate drain valves and desiccant material.

“Our testing capabilities validate product performance to better serve our customers in a highly competitive, global market place," said Jay Francis, National Sales Manager for Dehydration's Industrial Product Group.

SPX FLOW's globally recognized Dehydration brands include Hankison, Deltech, Pneumatic Products, Delair and Jemaco. As part of SPX FLOW's continual work to give better customer experience, the new facility also serves as an expert product sales and field service training center for channel partners, service providers and end-users. “We provide both in-depth classroom and practical 'hands on' training to enhance the product and applications knowledge of channel partners that promote, maintain and service our products," Francis added.

Compressed Air Dryer Performance Validation

To validate product performance, SPX FLOW constructed an environmentally controlled laboratory in the new center to test refrigerated, desiccant and membrane dryers to the ISO 8573-1 air purity standard. The test lab creates variable ambient conditions and effectively measures product performance. Full instrumentation and PC based data acquisition accurately records pressure dew point, pressure drop and power consumption.

The laboratory is equipped to simulate a wide range of flow and site conditions. To enable dryer testing under varying load profiles rotary screw compressors reliably generate air flow to 3000 scfm (5097 nm3). To simulate standard and extreme site conditions, ambient and inlet air temperatures are controlled in the range 35˚F (2˚C) to 130˚F (54˚C). Air saturation levels are a critical design condition in air dryer capacity rating and a moisture saturator is further used to precisely control air saturation levels up to 100%. Global power supply requirements may also be replicated to 480 volts, in 50 and 60 Hertz.

ISO 12500 Filter Testing

The Ocala R&D Lab is furnished with three ambient controlled test booths to validate compressed air filter performance to the ISO 12500-1-2-3 series of standards. ISO 12500 provides internationally recognized test parameters for manufacturers to test and rate compressed air filters. It is a multi-part standard with Part -1 defining the testing of coalescing filters for oil aerosol removal performance, Part -2 quantifying vapor removal capacity of adsorption filters, and Part -3 outlining requirements to test particulate filters for solid contaminant removal.

Critical to the ISO 12500 test standard is the ability to disperse the defined inlet challenge concentration and the technology for downstream detection. Test results provide users with commercial data for comparative purposes and differentiate filtration products through certifiable performance. Performance certificates, in accordance to ISO 12500, are available for oil, solid and vapor removal filters.

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Jay Francis

National Sales Manager, Dehydration Industrial Products Group


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