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  • The SPX FLOW facility in Xidu now includes homogenizer assembly.

  • The Homogenizer Test Room at the SPX FLOW facility in Xidu is available to customers.

New Homogenizer Assembly Up and Running in Xidu, China

SPX FLOW's new homogenizer assembly in Xidu, China is now taking orders and represents a significant investment by the company in the Asia Pacific region.

The project brought together a global team, including employees within sales, supply chain, R&D, operations and quality to ensure the Xidu facility and staff members are aligned with existing homogenizer assembly sites in Unna, German and Delavan, Wisconsin.

“The new assembly is, in part, a response to the growing demand for dairy in the region, particularly in China, India and Greater Singapore," said Con O'Driscoll, global product manager for Dispersion Products for SPX FLOW Food and Beverage. “These are areas with increasing populations and incomes. However, our primary driver is to increase our competitiveness in the region by getting closer to current and potential customers and reducing our lead time."

Beyond just dairy, the homogenizers are well positioned to be used in a wide variety of products within the food and beverage category, as well as for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and industrial applications. The homogenizers are capable of processing up to 11,800 gallons per hour and are backed by SPX FLOW's extensive support network.

The Xidu factory will receive complete liquid ends from the existing production sites at Unna or Delavan for assembly into finished homogenizers. All key parts will be stocked at Xidu and sourced from a global network of approved vendors currently supplying SPX FLOW’s Unna and Delavan sites.

Homogenizers produced at Xidu will be built and tested to the same global specifications and quality standards used at existing sites. To help ensure this, the facility is equipped with a world class testing room enabling simultaneous testing of up to three machines. A customer meeting room allows visitors to witness the tests.

Additionally, training has been a key focus of the Xidu operations team. Members have spent extensive time in the production cells in Delavan and Unna to learn homogenizer assembly first hand. Additionally, SPX FLOW staff from Germany and the U.S. were on site to supervise the assembly of three homogenizers by the Xidu team.

"This was a truly a global effort. We now have production in the region that will meet our customer delivery and quality expectations," added Chris Walmesley, SPX FLOW Vice President, Operations, Asia Pacific.